Blurreal Photography @ Cerveira Art Biennial

It’s a great honor to announce that Blurreal Photography is being exhibited at Fundação Bienal de Arte de Cerveira from the 15th of July until the 16th of September, 2017 in Município de Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.

The theme for this years biennial is “From Pop Art to Avant-Garde, appropriations of popular art” and proposes a reflection on the technological impact we’re living. It’s ever so pertinent how the Burreal Manifesto, created in 2008, stated: “Blurreal Photography is a response to society’s technological advancements outstripping our ability to reflect on it’s impact. It is a response to a fast-paced world of immediate gratification, lack of focus and sped-up relationships with nature and the global community. As humankind races through this new digital era, photography must race to keep up.”

Fernando Matoso’s art has always been ahead of it’s time, perhaps the acceleration of times are finally catching up with the author’s creativity!

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