Stella Dreaming

Photoshoot Team

Studio: Holborn Studios & Freelancer Club, London
Photographer: Fernando Matoso
Creative Director: Shiene Mann
Model: Stella Boutcher
Nails Stylist: Shiene Mann
Makeup Artist: Fabio Sarra
Hair Stylist: Heide Hawthorne
Designer Stylist: Rossella Brambilla

Deep inside, a seed is waiting to germinate, Stella’s Dreaming!
A schoolgirl, a teenager, passionate about life!
A fighter, following the pure instinct of her heart.
Exploding with energy and movement, she is phenomenal.
Mixing a sensual vibe with angelical feeling.
Radiating light everywhere!


We’re proud to announce, this photoshoot has been published on the 7th of February, 2019 on the IMIRAGE magazine, follow to link to buy it.

Unfortunately, Stella Dreaming was not published at Eloque Magazine but they recognized this photo as the best of the collection, saying:

“It’s exceptional, very well done, the pose, light, outfit, hair, facial expression – everything on point!”

Eloque Magazine


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