Women’s Day

Location: Bambui, Cameroon, Africa

This is a long-term social documentary project commissioned by Reignite Action for Development, a UK Charity working towards supporting rural communities breaking the poverty cycle. The photographs depict the Bambui community, living in the north west of Cameroon, over a five year period.

Women’s Day celebrates women as agents of change, joining the global celebration of women who lived in the past and women living now, inspiring the women of the future. Every year, women from all walks of life gather in Bambui as defenders of development, peace, gender equality, employment, access to education and human rights.

Women’s Day is a modern celebration as it is a way for the government to recognize the role that women play in Cameroon’s economic and social development. But it is still a part of the traditional culture, as women travel to Bambui from across the region to march and celebrate, in ways as they have always done, together.