The Woods

Location: Ashridges Park, Buckinghamshire, UK

These images explore not what we thought we saw, nor what we think we ought to see, but what we did see and the fleeting emotions and impressions they conjure. The images capture the moment as we glimpse the still and ancient woodland from the speed of our modern transport. These images are excerpts of space, time, colour and movement recorded in rapid sketches. It is a deconstruction of reality and a challenge to the logical mind. Ultimately I hope it creates a pathway to the impassioned heart in its purest form. The woodland is a divine creation but nature is in the heart of all of us. As we return to the woods, we return to our true selves. We are interconnected.

These photographs were taken with a small camera, whirled and thrown among the trees, the movements were dynamic and organic, representing a break from man-made routine and a release back into the wild.