Royal Dance

Location: Bambui, Northwest of Cameroon​
‘Royal Dance’ examines African cultural heritage. Dance is a complete and self-sufficient language: it has more power than gesture, more eloquence than words, more richness than writing and expresses the most profound human experiences. Dance is the expression of life and of its emotions, whether it is joy, love, sadness or hope, without emotion there is no African Dance.
But dance is part of a bigger picture. African dance expresses dynamic forces which constantly influence each other; humans – the living and the dead- animals, vegetables, and minerals all possess this vital force to varying degrees. The supernatural entities that benefit or hinder the endeavours of humankind are also composed of these same natural forces.

The photographs are created using a slow shutter speed and creative zooms. There is no post production digital manipulation. The uncertain nature of its production reflects the fast-paced society; the iridescent and chaotic colours reflect an excess of information in the new digital era. This technique fuses photography with motion and emotion.