Fly Zone

This work examines those ‘in-between’ moments, moments of waiting or of pausing, and infuses these moments with vitality. The photographs seek to cloud the vision as if the viewer is underwater or dreaming, looking for a way to escape. The photographs are taken driving on a rainy day, focusing the camera lens through the blurred windshields. The technique involves no post process digital manipulation.

They are beautiful and radiate gracefulness when flying,
they work well as a group, a community…
Seagulls break their connection with the sea
Seagulls are adaptable, quick thinking and bold
They take advantage of our wastefulness,
we find them inland, in land far from the coast.
Rural and urban gulls don’t often mix.
They are crafty and clever
We have invited them into towns with our throwaway society
They adapt to everything that is thrown at them, it will cost a lot to be rid of them
They take advantage of our wastefulness
They are ferocious, adaptable, and will learn to exploit new food sources
They can attack …..

Are we so different?