Art Lovers

Location: Central London, UK​
This work examines art lovers and the art space. It was realized over two trips to the Tate Modern, London and is divided into two moments.

The Turbine Hall: people enter what appears to be a spacecraft, bringing their mix of colours into the grey setting. Their culture, diversity, complicity, friendships and dreams- expressed through colours- appear as though floating on air. The images focus on the subtle details and expressions of visitors passing by. From the individual to the crowd, the flux of people walking across the glossy grey floor evokes the magic atmosphere in silence.

Interactive Installation in Tate Gallery: young visitors were invited to touch and roll a huge ball. Imagine if you could touch the moon and roll it with just your two hands and some friends, imagine!
This project is inspired by the human capacity to dream. Dreaming lets us achieve the impossible, it gives us wings to fly or move across our life using different paths. This work explores intersections, the moment dreams are made: it is a story full of imagination and experiences, sensations and emotions.