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Fernando Matoso, is an African born Portuguese artist currently based in London, UK. Having lived in several countries and between continents throughout his artistic career, his work reflects a diversity of cultures and artistic mediums. He’s always looking for

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My passion for shooting portraits is to capture the unique moment in the life of a Human being. The camera’s click is a timer that marks what only now was present and already now is past. Impossible to be reproduced, how magnificent is a second of our lives!

To photograph that moment is to give it a certain shape that will prevail even the memories and bodies of both the photographer and the subject. In a thousand years, the testimony of this Human being soul may still be here!

How magical it is, the moment when I’m looking through the viewer of the camera and my eyes meet the other’s eyes, as if that person found my eyes through the lenses of the camera. It’s like a ray of light through an open window, holding a story of an Eternity’s moment.



Landscape photography has its source in the rhythms and cycles inherent in nature. Perhaps inevitably the photographs address the human impact on the natural world and its cycles. Each series of photographs highlight the importance of conservation, heritage, and local history. The photographs focus on the beauty of both our natural and patrimonial heritage.

These are long-term projects during which I capture the four seasons in a selected region. I have sought to equip local communities with the tools to promote and enhance their towns, making them better places to live, work and relax. The images present the countryside as a vital space for recreation, reflection and as a home for nature, preserved for current and future generations.

I returned time and again throughout the seasons to these places, keeping in mind my forebears’ phrase “The hours shall be passed toiling in the field”.


Location: Alentejo, Portugal A spring journey through Alentejo: early mornings, colorful days and blue skies. The intention of this project is to confirm a strong local identity based on the…

Bambui, Cameroon

Location: Bambui, Cameroon, Africa As my ancestors used to say: “Time should wait in the field” This project was realized while I worked for Reignite [NGO], based in Bambui, Cameroon….

Severn River Estuary

Location: Severn River Estuary, Thornbury, UK ​ The bridges across the Severn Estuary occupy a beautiful and serene place. The light playing around the old bridge and the constant activity…

Winchester Seasons

Location: Winchester, England, UK ​ The intention of this project is to give tools for local communities to promote and enhance their towns making them better places to live, work…


This social documentary project was commissioned by Reignite Action for Development. The project explores our core human values: it addresses the problems faced by a fractured society and elicits from this broken place the human values that unite us across cultures.
The work is the result of seven years’ traveling through Mozambique and Cameroon. The journey was made alongside Reignite, a UK Charity aiding rural communities to break free from their poverty cycle.
“During my seven years working for Reignite, worked in challenging situations and ultimately placed the community needs and expectations first. I lived and assimilated different cultures and customs, as a passenger participating in the rhythm of these communities’ lives. I saw the direct and positive change we sparked in the community and moreover, saw this change carried forwards by others.”


Photography, like faith and religion, should connect directly with human experience. Real and lived emotions, tensions and harmonies fill my work, they unite their subjects across cultures, history, and religions.

These photographs document the 13 May 2017, the 100th Anniversary of the Apparition of Our Lady of Fátima, Portugal. Devotion, pilgrimage, and faith are at the fore of these images. In recent years Fátima has received 5-6 million pilgrims a year. My objective has been to document these many different pilgrims and their journeys.


“Each shrine reveals one part of the mission of Mary and each one has a particular charisma, without contradicting the others.”

– Shrine of Lourdes


The Fatima pilgrim, or peregrine, meditates on Our Lady’s direct interception of lived human experience. It is both a spiritual and physical journey, it is passion in joy and pain. The pilgrims push themselves to the furthest limit, some complete the last remaining kilometers on their knees. I have sought to capture these raw and passionate moments – somewhere between the human and divine.


“Whenever we look at Mary, we strengthen our belief in the revolutionary force of tenderness and affection. In Her, we see that humility and tenderness are not virtues of the weak but of the strong, who do not need to mistreat others in order to feel important (…). This dynamic of justice and tenderness, of contemplation and of the way to treat others, is what makes it a model for evangelization.”

– Pope Francis, Fátima, 2017


Our Lady is a creative force for change. These photographs are taken in Fatima, Portugal but the underlying core human values are ones which resonate with my work in the Cameroon or Mozambique. Photography also creates change: in Africa, it was my tool to work directly with communities as well as document their lived experience and society’s failings. These are my artistic preoccupations and Fatima has been a rich source of inspiration, a place where the divine force for change works directly into the human experience.


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Nursery School

Location: Province of Nampula – Mozambique´s Island Another day at the nursery! Some activities take place outside and inside. Time to learn some new words or numbers. A small meal, a plate with mandioca fufu that needs to last for the whole of the day, using leaves as a spoon.

Street Kids

Location: Province of Nampula – Mozambique´s Island In a poor country with a rate of 25% of young people and where there is a very large family breakdown, “street children” are in great numbers and always growing. Whether they are orphans, displaced or abandoned. The true concept of family is collapsing after 20 years of …


Location: Province of Nampula – Mozambique´s Island In Mozambique, poverty is widespread across the country. At national level 64% of the population lives below the poverty line (US $ 0.40 per day); 71% of poverty is in rural areas; 79% of the population lives in rural areas. “Mozambique’s priority objective of reducing absolute poverty by …