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I believe that art opens doors, it allows us to see the world through others’ eyes and connect as human beings across all cultures, times and places. Ultimately art helps us reach beyond human limits.

Photography, painting and ceramics have been the creative tools that let me grasp hold of human issues in a chaotic and changing world. By scrutinizing the details of the everyday, we can discover a wealth of meaning and poignant significance.

Travelling between continents and countries, my artwork adapts to the place and people. Human interaction has been the life-blood of my career. It was in my 1974-1980 watercolours that I began to explore the relation of chaotic humanity with divine serenity. Chaotic scenes and figures flow through a Boschian world, entire landscapes open up within minuscule figures. Above all this flux rises a serene and reoccurring figure: it embodies our union with the divine, even in the midst of chaos.

This artistic concern was challenged as I worked in Africa, in Mozambique and the Cameroon. As I worked alongside communities directly hit by the AIDS epidemic and suffering from poor sanitation and crop failure. My artwork sought to connect with the viewer, empathize with the subject and act for change: “We let them into our house and they let us into their world”.
These spinning, colourful and volatile communities fascinated me and provided endless material to explore our human predicament.
As with my African work, so with my photography of the British landscape: it is life’s colour, flux and movement which catches my lens. I wanted to reveal these familiar spaces in a new light: as spaces for reflection and recreation.

The concept of my Burreal photography follows from this in a similar vein: it challenges our assumptions about reality and directs the viewers’ gaze to focus on small details. Burreal uses experimental techniques – slow shutter-speed, movement and creative zooms- to pull apart reality, one moment contains many instants and the photographs explore this infinite depth.

Fernando Matoso is an African born Portuguese artist working and living in Portugal and UK. His work pioneers new ways of developing traditional techniques. Living across several continents throughout his artistic career, his work connects and inspires across cultures and artistic mediums.
The primary purpose of Matoso’s work has always been to connect with the human: to communicate directly with the viewer, to explore internal emotions, tensions or harmonies and to establish links between cultures, the human and divine. His artwork has been both instrumental in impacting change, working directly with communities, as well as reacting to human values, society’s values and the fragility of our world. In essence, his work drives at transformation, how art will build us all a stronger, better world.


Freelance Photographer
Currently developing artistic work in Portugal.

2011 – 2016

Commissioned Photographer
By Reignite Action for Development to create a data of images that reflected the NGO’s work in Bambui, Cameroon. Project duration of five years.

2005 – 2011

Freelance Photographer
Around the UK: Winchester, Bristol, London, Newbury & Stone.

2003 – 2005

Commissioned photographer
By the Champagnat Foundation: Marist Brothers. “Water 4 Life” is a Social Documentary Photography work realized in Mozambique.

2001 – 2003

Art Director
Managing an art gallery: Mission Expert Gallery and creative studio of multiple talents and medias in Lisbon, Portugal

1981 – 2001

Creative & Art Director
Design of multiple lines of utility and decoration products for the home industry
Product Photographer
Product images and communication materials

1977 – 1980

Visual Artist
Watercolors painter



XIX Bienal de Arte de Cerveira, Blurreal Photography, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal
Hotel Minho
, Blurreal Photography, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal


LX Factory, Blurreal Photography, Lisbon, Portugal
Metamorfoses, Blurreal Photography, Viana Castelo, Portugal


The view, Blurreal Photography, Winchester, UK
The Foundry, Blurreal Photography, London, UK


II Bienal de Artes de Mafra, Photography, Mafra, Portugal
Contacto Directo Gallery, Photography, Lisbon, Portugal
1000 Talents Gallery, Photography, Peniche, Portugal
Estado das Artes Gallery, Photography, Torres Vedras, Portugal
Serpente Gallery, Photography, Porto, Portugal


1000 Talents Gallery, Photography, Peniche, Portugal


Missao Expert Gallery, Photography, Lisbon, Portugal


1000 Talents Gallery, Photography, Peniche, Portugal


Tourism gallery, Painting, Estarreja, Portugal
Dionisio Pinheiro Gallery, Painting, Águeda, Portugal
Clube Macinhatense, Painting, Agueda, Portugal


Fundacao Dionisio Pinheiro Gallery, Painting, Agueda, Portugal
Tourism Gallery, Painting, Covilha, Portugal


Tourism Gallery, Painting, Sintra, Portugal


Tourism Gallery, Painting, Covilha, Portugal


Casa do Adro, Painting, Agueda, Portugal


Teatro do Nosso Tempo, Painting, Lisboa, Portugal



Highly Commended Photography by the Winchester Photography Society, Photography, Winchester, UK


Awarded a trophy and a Honourable Mention at Metamorphys”, Photography, Viana Castelo, Portugal


Honourable Mention, by II Bienal de Artes de Mafra, Photography Mafra, Portugal



Lens Culture Review,  Photography, USA


Rhubarb International Review, Photography, Birmingham, UK


Rhubarb International Review, Photography, Birmingham, UK

Email: info@fernandomatoso.com
Mobile UK: +44 7722041849
Mobile PT: +351 918062884